Success Stories.

Hato Hone St John

Achieving results that are better than ‘fine’

Denial. It’s the word that sums up many of our senior citizens’ feelings about their health. They refuse to admit they’re feeling unwell or vulnerable because that might mean they’re getting old and losing their independence.

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Boehringer Ingelheim

This could be a marketer's worst nightmare.

You're the market leader. Then a deep pocketed multinational competitor spends a ton of money to launch an aggressive campaign aimed directly at your product. Their objective: to steal as much market share as possible. What do you do? Here's what we did, on our client's behalf. We took on the challenge, using the most powerful force in the universe: love. That was more than enough. You see, love always wins.

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From your front door to the world

In common with, well, everyone else, ADRA (the Adventist Development Relief Agency) found itself disrupted by Covid-19. In ADRA's case, one of its key fundraising events, the ADRA Charity Run, was looking like a non-starter. Time to pivot. Because charity, it turns out, begins at home.

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90 Years Yum

You're a consumer products company making many of New Zealand's most popular food products. One of the most iconic brands in your portfolio is about to mark its 90th anniversary. How do you celebrate such a milestone? Should you? The answer comes right out of the brand's storied history, with the help of some other Kiwi icons.

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Launching a latecomer into a crowded market

You're a planet-friendly brand. You just decided you want to use Earth Day to promote your product. Just one problem: Earth Day is only 48 hours away.

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Amplifying a sponsorship through a handy device

You rank in the top 3 brands for your category for brand awareness, but brand consideration and preference aren’t at the same level. People certainly know about you, but that doesn't always translate into sales. What do you do?

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