Earth Day.

Beam offer e-scooters, climate-neutral transport options with no carbon emissions. At very short notice, the company decided to run a consumer campaign to demonstrate the difference in CO2 emissions between commuting by car, and by Beam, while grabbing people’s attention.

The challenge

Beam set an extremely daunting challenge: to pitch, plan and execute an ANZ-wide consumer campaign within 48 hours.


What we did

By now, it's pretty well understood: cars generate carbon dioxide and pump it into the atmosphere. In contrast, e-scooters generate zero CO2.

But how could that somehow be dramatically demonstrated? CO2 is invisible. Who knows how much is generated by your average car? And how do you show that in a way that makes sense to people?

We did the maths and realised that a typical car generates enough CO2 (in just 12KM) to fill a large balloon.

And what do people love to do with balloons?

That's right: pop them.

And, just like that, a campaign idea was born: "pop the driving habit".

We created a little fresh, fun ‘noise’ that could be used on social media to demonstrate the difference in CO2 emissions between commuting by car, and by Beam – and grab people’s attention while we did it.

We hit the streets and challenged people to Pop the Driving Habit with Beam for Earth Day and every day. We shot, edited and placed this content on social platforms in an amazing 48 hours! It was fast, fun and most of all, effective. Beam was stoked with our can-do attitude and creativity.

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