Better Than Fine

Denial. It’s the word that sums up many of our senior citizens’ feelings about their health. They refuse to admit they’re feeling unwell or vulnerable because that might mean they’re getting old and losing their independence.

The Challenge

St John medical alarms have been advertised to potential users with heart-warming pictures of seniors and their whanau for many years. But the question was; could it work harder?

Good Gravy was given the task of elevating St John medical alarms’ communications.

What we did

Our research revealed that the messaging wasn’t targeting the right people. And it wasn’t about the alarm’s features, it was about the feeling of independence they offered the wearer. Also, the research indicated that alarm wearers look to influencers for support, specifically adult children and healthcare professionals.

Alarm wearers have spent a lifetime being protectors, providers and teachers. So it’s very hard for them to be vulnerable and talk about the realities of getting old. They don’t want to be a burden to loved ones or most importantly, lose their independence.

If asked how they are doing, they often brush the truth aside with “I’m fine” even if things aren’t.

And this simple, authentically Kiwi response became the backbone of our creative work.

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As a result of our new strategic and creative approach, calls to the 0800 number increased four-fold and enquiry form submissions on their landing page rose to 27%.

It was a finalist at both the 2023 NZ Marketing Awards and the Effies Aotearoa.

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