A Good Gravy brings everything together, effortlessly.

Hi, we’re Good Gravy.

Our recipe is simple; introduce talented creative thinkers to passionate open-minded marketers - and create deliciously powerful results.

And that’s exactly what we started doing in 2017; bringing all the right ingredients together - designers, writers, digital gurus, editors, art directors, strategists, PR, event planners and fresh thinkers - to help businesses with their marketing conundrums.

We’re a collective with decades of experience creating magic for businesses of all sizes. It’s our approach to marketing that sets us apart from traditional full-service agencies.

Good Gravy is about your needs. 

Your hurdles. 
Your bottlenecks. 
Your pressure points. 
Your audience. 
Your results. 

It’s how we decided to approach things when we felt the agencies we came from had lost focus on what matters.

First, we listen so we can understand your perspective. Then we apply our experience and insights to streamline the process for you. 

From strategy to inception, implementation and evaluation, we make it easy for you.

When you sit down at the table with Good Gravy, you can say goodbye to dealing with egos and paying unnecessary overheads.

Good Gravy brings everything together, effortlessly.

Our best ingredients
are our people.


The Boss

With her abundant forest of dark hair and her Lilliputian stature, Lina is Good Gravy’s answer to Fantasy Island’s Tatu. She can often be heard bellowing, “The Plan. The Plan. Stick to the Plan,” at Good Gravy’s creative teams. A Colombian import, Lina’s intellect is razor sharp, and knows her way around Kiwi marketers’ minds better than the back streets of Holbox, Mexico, where locals say she’s spent hours sleepwalking in search of the perfect fish taco.

Fave Gravy:

Has the perfect consistency for soaking up with a piece of bread.



From the neck down, Dunc looks like he’s been attacked by a ferocious band of felt-tip wielding four-year-olds. A child at heart with the face of a retired pro-wrestler, Dunc is a slave to his compulsive creativity, whether it’s music, food, art or writing. Before his life at Good Gravy, Dunc was an engineer but chucked it in when he wasn’t allowed to build a jungle gym up to the moon. Rumour has it that since then, he’s had several warnings from NASA.

Fave Gravy:

Guinness reduction.


AI Guy

In the 1980s, Mike became New Zealand’s first CGI TV star for a short-lived, local version of the US comedy Max Headroom. Forty years on, and while graphics have improved, Mike’s jokes haven’t. As he’s spent his entire life stuck inside a TV set, Mike is Good Gravy’s guru of all things digital and technical. Should you ever get to meet him in person, don’t be fooled, he’s a hologram. Like a digital Pinocchio, Mike hopes that one day he’ll be a real boy, and eat ice cream outside Castel Sant’Angelo, Rome.

Fave Gravy:

Onion Gravy.



When Rob isn’t crafting Louvre-worthy visual masterpieces for Good Gravy’s clients, you’ll find him snowboarding between New Zealand’s premier Snow Golf courses. His incredible eye for detail allows him to find white golf balls in the even the freshest powder. However, should the weather turn nasty while out on the course, Rob has the ability to lower his heart rate enough to hibernate through even the longest blizzards. Rob also enjoys spear hunting the giant, wild sheep of the Lakes District.

Fave Gravy:




If you’ve heard the phrase ‘Selling ice to the Inuits’, or ‘Sandbags to the Arabs’, well it was Good Gravy’s Kat who sealed the deal first. I’ll Sell You That Kat as she is known, got her start writing liquor ads for an underground radio station in Moscow – so you could say she’s also sold vodka to the Russians too. And while she’s deeply passionate about all things marketing, she loves nothing more than strolling along deserted South African beaches reading books about mind control.

Fave Gravy:

Thick and meaty.


Bossy Britches

An expert at sucking up to the creative department, Jo has a deft hand for sandwich making. This skill requires digesting the tiniest details and getting just the right amount of everything together in one bite. In her spare time Jo lends her pretty, little feet to the New Zealand Competitive tickling team, and can be heard laughing like precious pup when they’ve hit just the right spot. At Good Gravy she’ll often make a similar noise when getting referencing claims nailed first time around.

Fave Gravy:



The Biz

As Cookie Monster is to the biscuit, our beloved Be is to a burger; washing them down with copious amounts of another delicious B word; booze. At Good Gravy she’ll have whatever task you set her mastered in minutes. That’s because Be is an expert multitasker, with a wine-cask load of experience in all things organisational. In her time she’s been a Beauty Therapist, Bookkeeper and Berry Picker. And we’re sure if she wanted to be a Ballerina, Botanist or Bus Driver – Be would be bloody brilliant at those too.

Fave Gravy:


Anon GGs

There’s more than just a handful of amazing people at Good Gravy. It’s just their bios were far too long and impressive to post here on our website. Be assured, this gravy boat is a deep one and filled to the brim with talented people who love a tricky marketing conundrum. So get in touch and let’s get to work.

Fave Gravy:

A little bit of everything.

Looking for tasty marketing results?